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BowlingThe Sport Enjoyed by 67 Million Americans

Did you know that when you pick up a bowling ball, you are partaking in a pastime that dates back thousands of years? Read more

The EnduranceLegendary Sunken Ship Found After 107 Years

The infamous ship "The Endurance" was found almost 10,000 feet below the surface of the Weddell Sea near Antarctica. Read more

Black diamond from spaceFor Sale: Black Diamond from Space

The Enigma, which weighs exactly 555.55 carats, is considered the largest cut black diamond in the world. Read more

1950s car air conditioningKeeping Cool on the Road

It's hard to imagine getting in your car in the middle of summer without air conditioning, but people drove cars for 75 years without it. Read more

Crown shyness between treesTrees Are Social Distancing Too

Mother Nature has once again proven to be one step ahead when it comes to preserving the integrity of its ecosystem. Read more

Kinder JoyUnwrapping the History of the Kinder Surprise

The U.S. notoriously banned the beloved children’s treat Kinder Surprise in 1997 because the “surprise” gift inside was a choking hazard. Read more

FuneralRethinking the Modern Funeral

The Sparrow in Brooklyn, New York, markets itself as a “contemporary funeral home,” where every aspect of the ceremony has been reconsidered to reflect the uniqueness of the deceased. Read more

Flea on skinA Very Tiny Foe

While the flea is rightfully regarded as a gross nuisance to daily life, it is a fascinating specimen of endurance and strength. Read more

Wax figure of Albert Einstein in Madame Tussauds, Bangkok.Happy (Belated) Birthday, Albert Einstein

Born on March 14, Albert Einstein had a keen interest in science and mathematics even at a young age. Read more

People holding colorful powder at a Holi celebration.Celebrating a Holi-day

The Indian holiday of Holi marks the beginning of spring, celebrated by throwing colorful powder in the air. Read more